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Our Vision is To Build, To Raise, To Repair, and To Restore (Isa. 58:12) 

Our Mission is to take the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ, God's greatest gift of Love, to our community and the World.  To fulfill the Great Commission that was laid out before us by Our Lord in Matthew 28:19,20.  We'll do this by getting out of the 4 walls in different forms of evangelism and ministries, person to person, over the airwaves and the internet.  To reach the people, both Spiritually and Physically.  To impact our environment, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools, in our City, State, Country, and the uttermost parts of the World!  To demonstrate God's Love through His Word, increasing in Faith and living in Grace.   Placing in order God's Prescribed Order of Victory... Faith in the Cross! 


In 2006, Pastor Marc and his family obeyed the Voice of God and the Word given to him in his youth and launched into another level of Ministry.  They founded a new Church in Rochester, NY.  Co-Founding the new ministry was the other family that took a step of Faith, Jermaine & Lorraine Vargas, The Ministers of Music. 

Both Families embarked on a new level and season in Christ Jesus, committing themselves to the harvest of souls.  Beginning in the living room of their homes, with just 4 adults and 3 Kidz, they sought God's direction for the newly formed ministry.  They Incorporated the new ministry as Restoration Life Christian Fellowship, Inc. on December 26, 2006.

At the beginning of January 2007, Restoration Life entered into a rental agreement with Ibero American Action League, to utilize their conference facilities at 817 E. Main St. The doors of Restoration Life Christian Fellowship opened on Sunday, January 21, 2007.  God has poured out His Blessings ever since.  Since then God has added to our numbers as we're reaping the harvest of souls.  God has also brought families to help us work the fields.

In May 2008, a year and 4 months later an agreement was made between Restoration Life and another Church to seek to purchase a location right here in the heart of the City of Rochester.  26 Sobieski Street.  Confirming the vision revealed to Pastor Marc to be a Church reaching out to broken and hurting areas.  On February 5, 2009, we moved into 26 Sobieski Street and maintained an agreement with the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church (Owners)

In 2009 the Lord would reveal His Finished Work through the Preaching of the Cross (1 Cor.1:18)!  God's prescribed order of Victory is Faith in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified (1 Cor.2:2).  Through the Message of the Cross, all forms of ministry 'tools' of 'doing' & 'growing' Church were being exposed as nothing but man's attempt to do what the Holy Ghost will do when proper Faith is applied.  The Holy Spirit works only & exclusively through the Cross, and although He was working in us because of our faith in that Blood for Salvation, we would frustrate the Grace through our actions and works for sanctification. (Gal.2:21).  

We are grateful for the ministry of  Bob Cornell and their family, of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, through their teaching of the Cross.  The rest is History!  We are continually learning the Message of the Cross.  How Awesome is God!!! We are so eager to see God do what He said He would do!

Check back for updates on RestLife!!!


Sunday Worship Service 12:30pm                          Restoration Life Christian Fellowship
Wednesdays Mid Week Service 7pm                              1259 N Goodman St, Rochester, NY 14609

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